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Easter Family Retreat 2008

Posted in Mission Updates 2008 with tags on March 27, 2008 by filerofish

2008_spring_family_retreat00050.jpgThis past weekend the Colonia Jalisco church in Ensenada celebrated its Easter family retreat at “Tierra Santa”, a rented Christian camp facility that we have been using for several years in a row now. The climate was fantastic, and the fields were exploding with color. For a semi-arid area like Baja California, springtime is a refreshing break from the almost year-around dryness. The kids have a lot of fun running around the premises, playing, doing handcrafts, and learning about the love of Christ.The adults and the youth listen to nearly eight hours of Biblical exposition and enjoy the intimate and rich fellowship that events like these can offer.

Both Miriam and I were sick with the flu all during camp, but I had it worse. My asthma condition makes it difficult to breath when I am down with a cold or the flu. Even so, I managed to log approximately 6 hours of speaking. On the second night, brother Hernan brought me a coup of coffee while both of us watched a video on the life of Christ in the chapel. Everything was dark and Hernan was busy watching the film.When I went to take a sip of my coffee, it went down the wrong side at the same time that I was beginning to cough. Since I could not breath through my mouth or nose, I began to choke. I got up in a hurry and started running for the door, spitting out the coffee along the way. Just before reaching the doorway, I started to black out. Hernan never noticed what was happening. I thought for sure that I was going to die. Nobody would have noticed at least for another hour. I said a brief prayer, and as soon as I had prayed I was able to cough up most of the liquid and regain semi-regular breathing again. I then leaned over a low fence outside the chapel and rested for a while. God cares for his servants in ways that most of us never realize.

Needless to say, the flu has sapped most of the energy out of us, and I am rather exhausted after two weeks of this nasty virus. Nevertheless I am very pleased with how everything turned out in the end. The campers all took turns cooking, washing the dishes, and cleaning up after themselves. The kids had their own activities during the day, while the adults and youth learned from God’s word. I also produced an excellent program that included a few articles of interest and a Bible-reading plan for an entire year. Everyone was happy with the results.

Camps and retreats are a great way to disciple believers and strengthen the bonds of Christian unity among church members.

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