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First VBS Training Workshop Successful – Mission Update

Posted in Mission Updates 2009 on June 27, 2009 by filerofish

2009 VBS TRAINING 00004Vacation Bible School has always been an effective tool in our efforts to reach out to the children in the community with the love of Christ. It is one of the most important evangelistic events during our summer schedule. However, this year we are facing a few new and unexpected challenges, such as the flu pandemic and the economic crisis. Normally we schedule at least one visiting missions’ team during this time of year, but the one group that was coming canceled their trip. These circumstances have significantly jeopardized the implementation of this year’s VBS.

In times like these, the tough get going. A couple of years ago, Miriam attended a training workshop for VBS teachers held locally, and she was inspired by it. Even so, she wondered if something similar would actually work among our local fellowship of churches. There has been very little cooperation among them for many years, but that is another story. The special needs that have arisen this season have affected us all equally, so maybe folk are becoming a bit more open to finding new solutions to old problems. Could this present crisis actually be a blessing in disguise?2009 VBS TRAINING 00006

Miriam and my sister Vicki got together and discussed the possibility of leading a training workshop together. This would truly be a first. I must confess that I had my doubts. Nevertheless, I was encouraged by their persistence and genuine desire to help and serve. They planned for a three-hour session during three days over this weekend. Invitations were printed and delivered and preparations were made. Miriam would teach for an hour and Vicki would lead the handcraft preparation. The first day we had people come from the Colonia Granjas del Gallo congregation. The total attendance was over 20 potential teachers and helpers. This Friday we had students from all four of the congregations which had been invited: Colonia Empleados, Colonia Revolucion, Colonia Granjas el Gallo, and our own church.

2009 VBS TRAINING 00009The participation has been excellent. The fellowship has been good also. Maybe this could be a start of something new. I had an opportunity to suggest the possibility of including an adult class in the future. That would give us even additional potential of reaching some of the parents of these kids. There is an idea!

Anyway, I am happy for Miriam and Vicki. They really needed this opportunity to become excited and motivated for the work again. They both work in the teaching profession and have taught Bible since they were very young. What a wonderful way of combining their talents for the greater cause of building the kingdom of God in the hearts of young people.