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The locals call it “The End of the Earth” because Cabo San Lucas is situated on the very southern tip of the Peninsula of Baja California Sur. It is here that both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean embrace each other to produce a spectacular maritime paradise that over the years has become a favored tourist destination. It is also home to thousands of low-income households that work in the service sector. Over 60% of the population lives in new underdeveloped areas of town without sufficient infrastructure or public services.

For the first time ever, Cabo San Lucas hosted the Regional Convention of the churches of Christ (independent). There is only one small struggling congregation there, but the warmth and hospitality of its members makes up for any lack of physical resources. Brother Victor Vazquez and his wife’s family minister to a growing group of individuals from various walks of life. About 80 believers were in attendance over the weekend. Timothy Tate, Aldo Dominguez, Jose Luis Rodriguez and Luis Antonio Escobedo were among the speakers.

The main church-building is about the size as on of your Sunday-school classrooms, but work is underway on a larger two-story edifice that will serve as the main nave on the top floor and fellowship hall on the first floor. The convention activities were held outdoor under the shade of a metal roof which will eventually become the basement or fellowship hall. The young people held their sessions in the main building. A makeshift kitchen was created on one side of the main building to prepare and serve of the meals during the event. Four restrooms proved sufficient.

For those of us traveling all the way from Sonora and northern Baja California, the trip was a major challenge. First, there was the geographical obstacle. We began searching for transportation a full year in advance, and several options were considered. We finally settled on sharing a ride on a charter bus with groups coming all the way from Hermosillo and Mexicali. For us, it represented a 24-hour drive down and 24 hours back. For those from Hermosillo it meant a 32 or 33-hour trip each way. The financial sacrifices that would have to be made were also formidable. It took a series of financial miracles to make it all come together in the end.

Twenty three years ago, I had promised Miriam that I would take her to Cabo San Lucas for our honeymoon. Our car broke down in Hermosillo and we never made it until now. For us, it was a very emotional and meaningful moment as we waded in the warm clear waters off the coast of Cabo San Lucas and rode a boat out to the beautiful rocky formations that adorn the “ends of the earth.”