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Christmas of 2009

Posted in Mission Updates 2009 on December 27, 2009 by filerofish

Christmas is one of two seasons in the year when people here in Mexico are most sensitive to the message of the Gospel. Even several private schools put on special programs, skits, dramas, concerts and cantatas for the general public. This year, my daughter Kimberly had the privilege of singing in her school’s Christmas play and cantata which performed at the local city theatre, and also at bayside down at the boardwalk. This latter presentation was sponsored by the city and it included several other schools as well. Later on in the evening, the official lighting of the Christmas tree took place. The weather was ideal for the event, and the dimly lit bay provided the ideal ambiance for a delightful evening filled with carols and seasonal instrumental music.

I was very pleased to witness a clear Gospel presentation in the cantata, so I enquired further about the source. It so happens that Kimberly’s music teacher is a believer and she attends a “Pilgrims’ Church” nearby. Since the owners of the school are also believers (as well as several of the teachers), they have been more than accommodating. An audience of about 400 people, including parents and family members, were treated to some uplifting singing and a biblical message of hope and salvation in Jesus Christ! God does work in mysterious ways! Praise the Lord that his will is made known one way or another!

On December 15, the father of the school’s owner passed away suddenly in the early hours of the morning. I understand that he was overcome with internal hemorrhaging while trying to assist his elderly wife during the early hours of the morning. He was a faithful member of the Evangelical Church, and a trusted elder in his congregation. I can vaguely remember him during my early years while I was growing up in that part of Town.

Mr. Rodriguez Lecuanda had been a truck driver and mechanic all of his life, and a partner in business along with his daughter and son-in-law. He had also been a wonderful host and a dedicated soul-winner. During the mid-sixties he had provided housing for another missionary family. That would have been an unusual occurrence at the time, considering the predominant Catholic culture.

Our congregation held its Christmas program and dinner on the 20th, with a better-than-expected turnout. We had several newcomers show up this time, which is always a delight to see. My sister Vicki helped to organize the children’s play, and my wife Miriam, along with the ladies’ group, took care of the details related to the special meal.

Several of us men worked diligently on repairs and finish work on the inside of the main meeting room, so that the place would look a little better for our guests. Hernan, Naphtali, and Enrique did all of the painting, and Narcizo and I did the dry-walling that was required. We all worked extra hard up until minutes just before starting time. It was chaotic but well worth it.

As we come close to the end of 2009, it is a good time to reflect on the events and lessons learned during this past year. The world has been thrown into a financial and political crisis of global proportions. The future is pregnant with uncertainty at every level. Even so, I am encouraged by the words of a dear friend of mine and fellow preacher who recently wrote to say, “Preach and love, love and preach!” That’s what we have done for almost 40 years, and will continue to do as long as the Lord allows us to.


Billboard Evangelism

Posted in Mission Updates 2009 on December 10, 2009 by filerofish

Last month, a couple in our church that works in the publicity business had the bright idea of producing and financing a billboard campaign to present the hope of salvation in Jesus Christ. They came to me for ideas about design and message. They settled for a relatively simple but attractive design (a white cross on a red background) and a simple message: “God Is Love” (John 3:16) For followup, we included an address for a new website called “buscadios” (seek God) where visitors can watch a Gospel presentation in video format, listen to a salvation message, or download and read a wide variety of free books and literature in PDF format.

At the time of this writing, we have had nearly 110 unique visitors to the website, and one contact. Our prayer is that this campaign might eventually produce interest in Bible study and a number of conversions. Only the Lord knows what will transcend over time, but we are busy spreading the good seed of God’s word.

It would be a wonderful thing if other churches in the Baja area would participate in this campaign at their local level. Please pray that this tool will prove to be effective in reaching many lives with the Christian message.