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50th Anniversary: 1962 Interview With Jerry Watkinson

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50th Anniversary: Interview with Epifanio Gutierrez

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As reported in an earlier newsletter, this year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.  Through the “magic” of modern technology, we have been able to rescue some very old analog reel-to-reel audio, and we have combined it with early photos of the same period in a video format.  The effect produced by combining the original voice and image is the next best thing to having been there in the 1960’s with a modern video camera, only without the animation and color. Considering the fact that these memories would have been entirely lost without this restoration process, it’s nothing short of amazing!


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In December of last year, a couple in our church came to me to share an idea for evangelistic outreach. They work in the publicity business and they own a couple of billboards in town. They wanted to know how they could contribute to the ministry and suggested the idea of using at least one of the billboards for a large sign portraying the gospel message. After much prayer and thought, I decided to add my own talents to their project and offered to design a website for the purpose of following up on any contacts that might be made as a result. Neither of us had a clue about the possible effectiveness that it could have, but we were willing to try it anyway.

The initial investment in making and installing the sign was considerable, but this couple was more than willing to cover the cost. During the most recent storm, heavy rain and wind gusts of over 50 miles per hour toppled and tore up many signs billboards all over town, but by God’s power and grace ours came out almost totally unscathed.

Since the “” blog went up in December, the site has received 530 unique hits – unrepeated and still counting. 100% of those have been by local people that have seen the billboard and decided to check it out. We are just beginning to see some quantifiable results in terms of the impact that we are having in individual lives. A few of them have finally worked up the nerve to attempt to contact us personally.

Just this afternoon, I received a phone call from a young man who had recently been visiting the States as an exchange student. While he stayed there, he came in contact with the true biblical gospel and made a personal decision for Christ. Upon his return, he wanted to find a church body where he could continue to grow and mature in the Lord. He had been visiting a local Charismatic center but felt that it was two large and superficial. After he saw our sign, he was led of the Lord to visit the website. He soon discovered that we are exactly the kind of congregation that he has been looking for now for several months. He just happens to be a student at the same university where my oldest son attends. We praise God for this positive contact and we look forward to serve him as best we can. Please pray for him and his family as they continue to seek God.


Since November of 2008, I have been maintaining another Spanish website that features many Christian articles, Bible studies, church news, podcasts, videos and numerous other resources designed to build up the body of Christ. As a result, nearly 5,500 unique visits have been made since its inception. I have made several contacts and friends along the way who correspond with me on a regular basis. They live in various countries such as Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and the USA. Most of them are from right here in town.

What strikes me as nothing short of amazing is that I grew up not knowing one thing about operating computers. We didn’t have any of this technology in school. Now I’m at least able to do a couple of things that most users can’t or don’t have the time for: build a machine from scratch and maintain a web site. I’m still learning after 10 years of hands-on experience, but new things come a little easier now. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to use my talents in this way for the Lord. This just goes to show how God has control over our lives in ways that we do not even begin to imagine.

As long as the Lord allows, we will continue doing all we can!