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Seminar in Mexicali a Huge Success!

Posted in Mission Updates 2010 on October 25, 2010 by filerofish

Beloved in Christ,

Miriam and I had an incredible and amazing weekend serving the Lord in the Mexicali Valley. God is doing an awesome work among the brethren there, and we had the privilege of being able to contribute to that ongoing ministry.

The preacher of the Colonia Polvora church was the one who the Lord used to put the whole conference together . He and I have been in continuous contact  with each other for over a year in a half now, and this enriching dialog has made it possible for us to develop projects and ideas that are just now beginning to blossom. One of these ideas was to bring in various area preachers as special speakers to help meet the need for solid Bible teaching among the brethren. Several churches in the valley have already been meeting together about once a month for fellowship, so I suppose that one could say that the logistics for a Bible conference were already in place even before getting started.

Although the Colonia Polvora was the official host of the program, they requested that Ejido Puebla provide the meeting place because of the exploding interest and response to the publicity. So, on the 15th I set out toward Mexicali to begin teaching an 8-hour seminar on the “Authority and Integrity of the Bible”. This is merely an introduction to a fuller course on Bibliology on an advanced level.

I hit several snags and obstacles during my trip, so I was forced to arrive two hours late on Friday. I had no idea of how many people would be waiting for me there. I figured that there would be about a dozen or so, as usual. To my big surprise, the huge parking lot in front the building was completely full, and there were a good 150 people or more inside. There were folk from Colonia Televisora, Colonia Polvora, Ejido Puebla, and even all the way from San Luis, Rio Colorado. I was blown away but the turn out. Still stress out from the trip, I tried to do the best that I could under the circumstances. I made up for it on Sunday morning during the class though, so it wasn’t a total loss.

We covered topics such as the sufficiency, indestructibility, and uniqueness of the sacred scriptures among other things. On Sunday morning, I closed with some scientific evidence of the Bible trustworthiness and a brief testimony of “Why I Left the Charismatic/ Pentecostal Movement”. It was good to visit with old friends from my childhood, and to fellowship with many new friends that I have made since the event. I have a long mailing list now that I need to follow-up on.

On Sunday evening, I spoke at the Colonia Polvora church and gave another longer version of my testimony which was met with an outstanding response. Toward the end, I invited those who had any special prayer needs to come forward. Six accepted the invitation, and one older lady who became a widow after her husband had been shot and killed over a year ago, made her decision to follow Jesus and confess him as Lord of her life. Aldo tells me that this was no small victory, because she had been resistant to the gospel as a result of her personal tragedy – understandably so.

One of the greatest blessing that I got out of this event was all of the personal expressions of love and encouragement that I received from those attending the meetings. I shall never forget the heartfelt words of one brother who is a retired teacher and school principle: “God bless the day that you decided to come to the Valley and share God’s word with us” Tears were in his eyes as he embraced me in the finest of Christian affection. These were no idle words, and they will remain with me forever!

God is doing something extraordinary in Mexicali. I still don’t know what exactly He has in store for the brethren there, but there is a season of revival like I haven’t seen in a long, long time. Let’s continue to pray for the best.