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This past Easter weekend, nearly 50 believers from Mexicali, Tijuana, and Ensenada got together in the Guadalupe Valley for an Easter family retreat. There was excellent preaching, teaching, music, fellowship, fun and food for all ages. In my daughter’s own words, “this has been one of the best camps ever.” The main theme was “THE PRICED PAYED FOR OUR REDEMPTION,” and we kicked off the event with a dynamic message on God’s grand design and plan of redemption.

Saturday was filled with activities. I led the two morning sessions as well as the evening message. Miriam helped to coordinate the kitchen and teach the children. My son Naphtali led in a nature-walk that took a couple of hours to complete. He got some great photos along the way. He also directed the recreational activities. I am so thankful for my family and their involvement in this ministry. I could not do it without them.

During a few breaks in the day, I had the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with a couple of folk from out of town who have been struggling with trials in their personal lives. I counseled with them and prayed for them. It is very rare that I get a chance to this, so I treasure each and every opportunity.

We held an early sunrise service on Sunday morning, and again it was the women who were the first to show up (LOL). God bless them! I took this opportunity to address the need to be encouraged in the midst of trials, and to look forward to the glorious resurrection of the saints. Then my son Naphtali led the second service at 10 a.m.

With all of the bad news and hype about Mexico that has been filling the mainstream media these days, it’s good to know that God is still on the throne and that prayer changes things. In comparison with other parts of the world, we in the Western Hemisphere have been incredibly blessed! While there is tribulation and persecution of believers in many regions of the planet, the Lord has preserved us up until now. Who knows, maybe there is a divine purpose and a design behind it, do you suppose? In any event I praise Him for his many mercies and abundant grace that He has poured out among His remnant church in Baja California, Mexico.



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For those of you who diligently follow my Facebook page already know how things have been going for me and Miriam for most of the first half of the year. First, I have had plenty of car trouble and it has gotten so expensive to keep up anymore. A simple tune-up can run up to $300 dollars depending on what needs replacing. My vehicle is a 2000 GMC Safari mini-van, so it is already 11 years old. It was in need of some TLC when I got it, bit it has served me fairly well in general. It has been through a lot , especially on these rough r0ads full of chuckholes and such. Plus, last year I was in a fender bender on the main street going through town which has cost me at least $2,000 between both vehicles involved. There are still a few things that need fixing, but I think that we’ve gotten through the worst of it by now. I’m still not sure if it is ready for a long trip though. It needs new tires, some minor body work, the hydrolic lifters for the rear door, and an EGR valve.

Then, both Miriam and I came down with head and chest colds. It was twice for me since January when I contracted the first infection. It took forever to get over it, and once I thought I was home free the second cold settled in. It was a long winter for sure.

I’m still struggling with my dental problems. My so-called “permanent” bridge that cost me nearly $2,000 broke and I am in the process of replacing it even now. I had not been using it for long, but the porcelain that it was made of was poorly done apparently. So, here I am back to that hassle again. It has been a long, long painful process.

Finally, I go to the treatment center for my high cholesterol twice a week now. My triglycerides were up to 700 when I started, and we have managed to bring them down to 400, which is still high. I have been to the States only once in several months largely due to this ongoing process.

In spite of these and other trials in our lives, we continue to serve as best we can covering the bases in our local church, and we recently held our Easter family retreat with nearly 50 campers. It was a wonderful moment to remember the Lord’s atonement and resurrection. Praise God!

Please continue praying for us. You can follow my day-to-day thoughts and activities by going to my facebook page under “Philip Watkinson”. Be careful though because there is more than one there. Make sure that you get the right one!