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It’s Back to School Again.

Posted in Mission Updates 2011 on August 29, 2011 by filerofish

Starting as early as the second week of August, many young people return to school, beginning with the University students. My son Santiago began his courses in computer engineering this semester at the State University UABC. He has maintained a high grade level and the Lord has been good to him. At first they had told him that he wouldn’t be able to start until February, but thanks to an intervention by a friend of ours we discovered that this had been an administrative “error.” Public schools in Mexico are notorious for this sort of goof-up, but with the Lord’s help everything was corrected and he is enrolled.

Earlier this summer, one of Santiago’s fellow graduates from the technical prep school died in an unfortunate swimming accident. Apparently he was caught in a rip tide that pulled him out to see. His body was found on the shore several days later. This sort of thing happens every year in spite of multiple warnings by the authorities. We are deeply saddened for his family’s loss and I am sure that this whole incident has caused an enormous amount of pain to the fellow students as well. Please keep them in prayer.

My daughter Kimberly began her classes just this past week. The days have been unusually warm here lately due to a late summer, and it has been a little rough on both teachers as well as on the kids. Nevertheless, she seems to be enjoying her return to school hours and seeing her friends again. She was sick with a throat infection a couple of weeks ago, but she seems to be over it now. Last Saturday we all went down to the beach to cool off for a while and she enjoyed an afternoon of playing in the waves with her older brother Naphtali and cousin Dylan. They were also able to dig up a few clams which was a lot of fun.

Speaking of Naphtali, he gets started with his master’s program today with the center for scientific investigation: I am sure that he is excited about going back to school after a long vacation period. We are thankful that we were able to count on him to help us with all the activities in church this year. He has been a real godsend for us in terms of the Lord’s work, praise the Lord. Keep him in your prayers as well.

Miriam has been a little under the weather lately with another bout of laryngitis. It seems that the constant changes in weather and atmospheric pressure contribute to the situation. She is taking prescribed medication for it at present, but it just lingers on it seems. Pray for her also as she begins yet another semester of teaching English in Kimberly’s school.