86th Birthday

86th Birthday

Mom is a survivor if there ever was one! Born into a rather large family of Swedish immigrants who first settled in Canada and later on in Minnesota, Mom knew what it was like to weather the extreme cold in the winter when the snow would often reach the height of the edge of the roofs. She is also a survivor of the infamous “Great Depression” that swept through the United States shortly before Word War 2. Unlike my Dad who had access to fish and wild game when he was growing up in the State of Washington, Mom and her siblings sometimes had to make due with oatmeal morning, noon and night. Yikes!

She and Dad first met in Hollywood where Mom worked as an accountant for a piano factory. When they decided to date each other, Mom made it a point to share the Gospel with my Dad which eventually led him giving his life to Christ and to the ministry. My two sisters were born during the time when Dad was attending what was then Pacific Bible Seminary, now “HOPE University.” Neither of them had any idea of the calling that God had for them to the mission field.

My Mom has suffered from a variety of illnesses. Among them, elephantiasis, hepatitis and breast cancer for which she required an invasive mastectomy. When she was sick with cancer, she prayed “God let me live until Phil’s 16th birthday when he can fend for himself.” Who would have guessed that she would have survived the ordeal, and that she would also outlive my father. Not only that, I am delighted to report that she is in reasonably good health, walks frequently, and is very lucid. We praise God for this miracle of His mercy.


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