Dearly beloved in Christ,

A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children…” (Pro 13:22). What joy it is to see one’s children grow up in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. But it is even a greater joy to see them being called of God into ministry. My son Neftalí (Naphtali), made his debut yesterday as the Bible teacher for the adult Sunday school class. He did an incredible job from start to finish. “Nef” (as we call him) has always been mature beyond his years. Having been raised almost exclusively among adults, he has inherited the wisdom and experiences of both his father and grandfather. He has begun a Bible overview series that promises to be very helpful for those in our congregation who are Biblically illiterate. Neftali Teaching Adult Sunday School

In spite of his tight school and work schedule, Nef managed to do all of the research and put a Power Point presentation to go along with his teaching. I suppose that is just one advantage of being a “techie.” Neftali has a pleasant voice to listen to, and he has a “user-friendly” approach which is probably a refreshing change of pace for most in the congregation. His is a whole lot like his grandfather’s style: systematic and expository. His past experience in speech class and radio has given him an additional edge to his existing talent. He has also been a leader among his peers at school, and he is esteemed by his teachers and classmates.

Miriam and I have been truly blessed to have Neftali as our son, but the church has also been blessed to discover his gift as a Bible teacher. We couldn’t have asked for a better combination!

Again, we want to send a special thank you to Mike Smith and the Camelback Christian Church in Phoenix, AZ. for making it possible for us to purchase a video projector for the teaching ministry. Both Nef and I are using this wonderful tool to help our Mexican brothers and sisters comprehend and retain foundational Bible teaching.

Our Week In Ministry

I am delighted to announce that we celebrated our first baptism in months yesterday during the morning service. This marks the end of the longest dry spell that we have had since I can remember. Your prayers are starting to pay off! The church here has also been praying for a breakthrough for over a month now, and the Lord has responded to our petitions.

Thomas had been attending church off and on with his family for over a year, but he had never made a formal decision for Christ until now. During our Tuesday night home Bible studies the home of Rafael Guzman, Thomas had come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and requested that we pray for him. However, those who were in charge of follow-up didn’t do their job like they should, so Thomas had not obeyed the Gospel according the Scriptures yet. He was still dead in his sins and had not been born again of the water and the Spirit.

Baptizing Thomas Yesterday, I preached on the encounter of Nicodemus with the Master and I summarized the Gospel one more time for any who had not surrendered their heart to the Lord. There are several in the congregation who are not saved as yet. When a simple invitation was given, Thomas came forward and made a public confession of faith. I asked him if he wanted to be baptized right then, and he told me that he did. So Chuy and I rapidly set up the portable baptistry furnished by American Rehabilitation Ministries ( www.arm.org ), and filled it up with cool tap water.

Since we had a record heat wave on Sunday, the cool water must have felt really good! We praise God for His grace and mercy that were poured out on Thomas, his family, and on the church body. Please be praying for them as they begin their pilgrimage of faith in preparation for the coming of the Lord.

What I am Reading: Get All Excited About Evangelism, Growth, and Church-Planting!

I believe that this will be the first time that I have actually recommended a list of books to read. If you are serious and passionate about winning the lost for Christ, than you must read Mark Cahill’s books, One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven and One Heartbeat Away . Mark Cahill has a business degree from Auburn University, where he was an honorable mention Academic All-American in basketball. After spending a few years in the business world, he surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ and asked God to place him where he could touch as many lives as possible. Within a year, he was teaching school. Although Mark planned to teach for the rest of his life, God moved him from teaching at a Christian high school to devoting a year to full-time evangelism. He then embarked on a speaking career. Mark speaks to over 25,000 people per year at churches, retreats, conferences, camps, etc., equipping and challenging the saved to go out and reach the lost. As one of his students noted, he’s still teaching, but in a much bigger classroom. His true vocation is witnessing, whether at malls, music and art festivals, beaches, sporting events, bar sections of towns—wherever the lost can be found. Mark is the author of One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven which has been translated into Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Romanian and is being translated into Nepalese, and One Heartbeat Away. Mark lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia. You can find his materials at http://www.markcahill.org/resource.html .

Two other resources that you will need to have on hand is Church Planting Movements: How God is Redeeming a Lost World and Church Planting Movements by David Garrison (get your free copy in Acrobat/PDF format here: http://www.churchplantingmovements.com/download.php ) If you have trouble downloading this second resource, write to me and I will help in any way I can

Disclaimer: Although I have found the following materials to be extremely helpful in strengthening my own evangelistic zeal and vision for ministry, that doesn’t mean that I agree 100% with everything that is said or practiced. As always, be a Berean and search the Scriptures to see if what is being taught lines up with the word of God or not.


The future of CMME is very uncertain at this time. The conditions of the American church have made virtually impossible to find new board members to replace those who have left us because of death or age-related impediments. We are in dire need of rebuilding the mission from the ground up. If this doesn’t happen soon (this summer), I cannot guarantee that the mission will continue to operate for much longer. That is why I am calling on you, our brothers and sisters in Christ to intercede for us in prayer and supplication for the future of this ministry. The time has come to PRAY and MOVE FORWARD!

Philip Watkinson


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