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50th Anniversary: Interview with Epifanio Gutierrez

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As reported in an earlier newsletter, this year will mark the 50th anniversary of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.  Through the “magic” of modern technology, we have been able to rescue some very old analog reel-to-reel audio, and we have combined it with early photos of the same period in a video format.  The effect produced by combining the original voice and image is the next best thing to having been there in the 1960’s with a modern video camera, only without the animation and color. Considering the fact that these memories would have been entirely lost without this restoration process, it’s nothing short of amazing!


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Erendira Mission Center

Erendira Mission Center

“Where are we going to go to celebrate our Easter church weekend retreat?” That was the question on everyone’s mind after we were informed that the campground that we usually rent had suddenly raised its rates 30% in comparison to last year. The number of adequate and cost-effective options for church camps is shrinking in our area. The mere cost of maintaining these facilities can sometimes be prohibitive, and some Christian groups are finding it nearly impossible to manage their own campsites. Nevertheless, as the number of believers continues to grow the demand for these retreat centers increases. Normally this would be a positive sign, but under the current depressed economy few families are able to afford it.

With the date for the Easter retreat less than a month away, the Colonia Jalisco church began to pray for the Lord’s guidance in finding an alternative site. Miriam and I approached the leadership of the Ejido Erendira congregation with the idea of holding our event at there “mission center”, where they house visiting groups and teams that come down to do community work. This facility has two dorms, a central kitchen, and two classrooms that can also be used as dorms. We were informed that the Erendira and Bonfil churches had already reserved those dates for their own annual gathering, and that our request would have to be cleared with them first.

Dining Hall

Dining Hall

As the clock ticked away mercilessly, our congregation continued to pray and wait for a response. The Lord answered our prayers, and we were invited to share in the program. Miriam and I helped with some of the teaching. This would be the very first time that the three churches would gather together to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection and enjoy each other’s fellowship. It proved to be a godsend for us. Praise the Lord!

Our hosts were generous and cooperative, making our job as organizers and coordinators that much easier. There were a few snags, but overall it turned out to be a wonderful blessing. The kids enjoyed it the most of course. The adults and the youth also participated in the various activities planned for them. On Saturday, all of us went down to the beach and celebrated 7 baptisms – 6 from Bonfil and one from Ensenada.

Baptism At the Beach

Baptism At the Beach

Now that summer is just around the corner, the search for another campground is on. We will be looking at several options in hope of finding something that will work for us. Please keep this matter in constant and fervent prayer. Thankfully, we have three male teachers in the church now that can help with the adult and youth classes: Neftali, Ellery, and I. There are several women in the church that will be in charge of the children’s classes. All we need is a location and food items.


A friend of mine who has been helping me with a recording project, lost absolutely everything when his house located near the center of town went down in flames recently. He is married and has two children (a son and a daughter). He has also been diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol. His current income is less than $80 a week – barely enough to keep food on the table. All that was left was a small unfinished storage room that they have been living in.
Moved to compassion, my wife and I decided to make an older house trailer available to them. It needs a little TLC and the rain water seeps through one of the front seams, but it is fully equipped and is serving their urgent need just fine. During a recent visit, I was delighted to learn that they are being blessed by this additional living space.

My friend is struggling with health issues, probably related to the resulting stress. His vision has been impaired somewhat, so please do keep him in your daily prayers.