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Posted in Prayer Concerns with tags , , , , on February 1, 2008 by filerofish

A little over a year ago, we began the process of purchasing property nextdoor to the church building in Ensenada, Mexico. This we did in faith, with the hope of expanding the tiny property on which a make-shift church building sits The owner was gracious enough give us a four year payment plan, thus dividing the $60k total into four payments of $15k each. God provided for the first $15k payment, and the next one was due last August.

Since the deadline has come and gone, we have been given a “grace” period until the end of February. At first, we were sure that we would be able to make the second payment based on a faith promise from a supporting church. Evidently they were unable to meet their goal. What all this translates to is that we are facing the very real possibility of loosing it all unless God performs a last-minute miracle.

We can’t afford to loose the property, because it serves the local church as a dinning hall, parsonage, and extra classroom. Plus we host visiting missions’ teams and our family is also using at for temporary living accommodations.

Please, please, pray for for a miracle! '(Fellowship Meal Outside