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My family and I continue to travel south of the border almost every weekend to visit family and minister to the brethren there. We would love to serve as your personal guides, hosts and mode of transportation. There are a number of excellent accommodations in the area, and many of them with a beachfront view. Depending on your interests, day tours can be planned for the valleys or to the beaches. Please reach out to us via the FB Messenger for further information.


The Watkinson Family

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The Watkinsons have faithfully served their Lord in cross-cultural Spanish-speaking missionary work for three generations. In 2013, financial hardship forced Philip Watkinson to find full-time employement in the States during the week. Even so, he continues to commute to the mission field on weekends to preach and teach the word of God to the Mexican believers, and to spend time with his family.

We are asking all of you who read this publication, to prayerfully consider assisting the Watkinson family with any amount that you can possibly give, in order to realease these precious servants of Christ back into full-time worldwide bilingual ministry where they truly belong. Regular video updates will be uploaded as soon as they become available.

Your funding will help cover monthly travel expenses (e.g. fuel, meals, housing, airfare, ground transportaion, etc.), and provide for mission projects such as building materials and VBS/ Sunday School materials. For further information, you can reach Philip on his facebook page:

Our sincere and deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who lovingly participate in this campaign.

Please Donate To This Ministry

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Philip and Miriam Watkinson


Our Latest Our Last?

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Greetings and blessings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus.

I have some good and not-so-good news to report. First of all, the sale of the property in Rosarito fell through. Apparently, the potential buyer had other expectations in mind so we are back to square one. The good news is that we have discovered the property’s true current value in the process. On the down side, we will need to invest in clean up, proper fencing, publicity and further paper work if we want to get the most out of it. Obviously it’s going to take time and money to that, so so we may end up in a bind in terms of paying off the Ensenada church property.

And speaking of expenses, our personal income is at its lowest ever. We are hurting BIG TIME? I can’t even provide maintenance for my vehicle. I have had continual health problems since Dad died 6 years ago. Now Miriam is beginning to have problems with back pain and leg cramps. What am I suppose to do if I can’t even provide for my family? Meanwhile, we are struggling to keep the local church here going. The average offering is less than $60 dollars a week. There are days that I am so tired and overwhelmed that I can hardly function at all. Please pray for us. Who knows, this could be my last update.

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For those of you who diligently follow my Facebook page already know how things have been going for me and Miriam for most of the first half of the year. First, I have had plenty of car trouble and it has gotten so expensive to keep up anymore. A simple tune-up can run up to $300 dollars depending on what needs replacing. My vehicle is a 2000 GMC Safari mini-van, so it is already 11 years old. It was in need of some TLC when I got it, bit it has served me fairly well in general. It has been through a lot , especially on these rough r0ads full of chuckholes and such. Plus, last year I was in a fender bender on the main street going through town which has cost me at least $2,000 between both vehicles involved. There are still a few things that need fixing, but I think that we’ve gotten through the worst of it by now. I’m still not sure if it is ready for a long trip though. It needs new tires, some minor body work, the hydrolic lifters for the rear door, and an EGR valve.

Then, both Miriam and I came down with head and chest colds. It was twice for me since January when I contracted the first infection. It took forever to get over it, and once I thought I was home free the second cold settled in. It was a long winter for sure.

I’m still struggling with my dental problems. My so-called “permanent” bridge that cost me nearly $2,000 broke and I am in the process of replacing it even now. I had not been using it for long, but the porcelain that it was made of was poorly done apparently. So, here I am back to that hassle again. It has been a long, long painful process.

Finally, I go to the treatment center for my high cholesterol twice a week now. My triglycerides were up to 700 when I started, and we have managed to bring them down to 400, which is still high. I have been to the States only once in several months largely due to this ongoing process.

In spite of these and other trials in our lives, we continue to serve as best we can covering the bases in our local church, and we recently held our Easter family retreat with nearly 50 campers. It was a wonderful moment to remember the Lord’s atonement and resurrection. Praise God!

Please continue praying for us. You can follow my day-to-day thoughts and activities by going to my facebook page under “Philip Watkinson”. Be careful though because there is more than one there. Make sure that you get the right one!